The Seven Intentions are the foundation of an inspired life.

The Next Level Awakening is a selfless path to what I call the Seven Intentions, which embody all aspects of our lives, everything we live for; peace, love, happiness, good health, prosperity, gratefulness, and real freedom. They start with giving. Choosing to manifest these in the lives of others, and making them the foundation of every decision and choice you make will lead to an inspired life.



Peace is the balanced and harmonious state of being in which love, happiness, health, prosperity, gratitude, and freedom reside. But don’t look for peace, it will not be found.

Focus instead on bringing the above elements of peace to everything you do, and to

the lives of others, and peace will find you.



Love is giving unconditionally and receiving with gratitude, it is the enduring foundation upon which peace, happiness, health, prosperity, gratitude, and freedom are built. Don’t search for love outside yourself, it cannot be found there. Rather, give love freely and unconditionally to others, and infuse it into everything you do, say, and think, and it will embrace you.



Happiness is the inward result of your peace, love, health, prosperity, gratitude, and freedom, that shines outward, changing your universe. Don’t search for happiness, you will not find it. Rather, do for others that which brings happiness into their lives, and approach all your endeavours with a joyful heart, and joy and happiness will then find its way into your life.



Good health is the physical, psychological, and spiritual manifestation of your peace, love, happiness, prosperity, gratitude, and freedom. It would be difficult to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit without all these resonating optimally in your life.



Prosperity is the abundance of peace, love, happiness, health, gratitude, and freedom, the needs at every level being met effortlessly to live a balanced and harmonious life. Don’t look for prosperity, it cannot be found. Instead, seek abundance in these seven intentions in whatever form they come, and make it your intention that others prosper, and prosperity will find you.



Gratitude is recognizing and giving thanks at a heart level for the gifts of peace, love, happiness, health, prosperity, and freedom. Express your gratitude in all that you experience, and that which you are thankful for will blossom in your life. Be thankful even for what you perceive as negative, because every experience comes with learning, and learning is a gift that leads to these Seven Intentions.



The ultimate state of mind is freedom, the letting go of all attachments and outcomes, which allows peace, love, happiness, health, prosperity, and gratitude to flow. True freedom is found in your selfless actions, and a decluttering of everything accumulated. Freedom is living emotionally, spiritually, and physically in the moment, without expectations for the future, because the future is now.



To start participating in the Next Level Awakening, make it your aim to achieve these Seven Intentions through selfless giving and detachment. Just changing your intention, your thought process to live these through giving to others, you are changing programming that no longer serves you and taking control of your own destiny – you are literally changing the world!


Start by focusing on these in every day life, and in everything you do. Before you make your next decision about anything, ask yourself if that decision or choice supports or blocks achieving these Seven Intentions, and not just one or two of them.


A house built on a foundation without the right mix of sand, cement, and water, is flawed and weak, and no amount of cosmetic fixes will make it right. Rebuilding your foundation selflessly with these Seven Intentions as the motivator for every decision and choice you make, will put you on the next level path to higher living.

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