What I Do

"Chris' incredible personal and professional life experiences are illuminating and transformative."

I am a Transformational Teacher, Sound Journey Muso, Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker


I guide individuals to transform themselves and their surroundings by uncovering self imposed internal barriers that manifest outwardly preventing true purpose from succeeding – what you are inside is what you create outside.


The first goal is identifying the barriers, and that is a process.


Gleaned from my own teachers around the globe, I use techniques that go beyond temporary motivation and inspiration to a permanent transformation of the mind, brain, body and spirit, shifting understandings and practices into alignment with today’s awakening and changing world. I integrate decades of experience, intuition, and sound into each step. What you get is personal and practical insights and tools from someone who has experienced what he teaches.


The work always starts with the foundational question, “Who are you and what do you want?” Absolute clarity of who you truly are and what you really want in this life is crucial to success in all aspects of an individual’s personal and professional journey.


The techniques used are fluid and depend on the individual(s) at the time of the interaction. Each individual, each group, and each new day is different and prescribes its own needs. I model the transformative work around individuals rather than mold individuals around the work.


It is through inner transformation that the outer world is altered. This is achieved through One on One Sessions, Workshops, Sound Baths, and Talks.


Whether you need to take your personal life or career to the next level, or you’re struggling with an existing challenge, reach out and let’s explore the possibilities together. I offer initial 30-minute consultations free of charge.

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My personal story is filled with wild and wonderful experiences from birth to the present. This translates into real life insights for the benefit of others. In the same way my own mentor teaches, I teach and share only from what I have personally experienced. 


If any of the following resonate and you're ready to take the next steps towards a self-actualised life filled with peace, love, joy, abundance and true freedom, one on one and group sessions are for you.


Finding Inner Peace

Nurturing Creativity

Healing Addictions*

Refocusing Direction

Restoring Happiness

Tapping Into Intuition

Reigniting Motivation

Healing Relationships

Mastering Mindfulness

Navigating Career Changes

Self Sabotage to Self Actualised

Dissolving Fears, Anger, Stress & Anxiety

Overcoming Proscrastination & Dissatisfaction


Awakening Expansion

Deepening Spirituality


*I work with clients struggling with substance abuse in tandem with structured programs only.


These that wound you don’t need to be permanent in your life. They are learned conditions of the mind and heart and can be refocused to your benefit.


In Sessions with Chris we unpack the blocks to peace, love, happiness, good health, abundance, and true freedom. These are the foundation of a healthy, inspired, and successful life.


In these sessions I either work one on one or interactively as a group, learning and transforming through the experiences of each other. The outcome is a transformed way of looking at self, others, and life. And best of all the teachings are from someone who has experienced what you are experiencing and has worked though successfully.


It is through inner transformation that the outer world is permanently altered, shifting the body, mind, and spirit to a place of celebrated personal achievement as you move from fear based reactions to love based actions.


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I have launched and managed nine companies in the US and South Africa in personal development, entertianment, construction, publishing, and real estate development that have succeeded and failed. I have managed thousands of employees, including micro-managing up to 300 staff and artisans on multiple individual projects. I know the behavioral patterns of personnel.


If your company could benefit from any of the following, Sessions with Chris is the smart solution.


Strengthened Morale

Increased Productivity

Customer Care Satisfaction

Overcoming Expansion Pains

Increased Creativity, Motivation & Well-Being

Reduced Environment of Stress or Uncertainty

Reconnection Between Management & Personnel


If your company is not adopting practices that reflect the intrinsic link between body, mind, and spirit as it relates to creativity and productivity, the outcome is clear. The expanding human mind is evolving more rapidly than at any time in history. Companies that adapt to these trends within their human resource activities flourish; companies that maintain practices and methods of the past eighty years are falling behind.


Hiring smarter people has its merits, but there is another consideration that is itself smart. Individuals who are truly happy are able to move through life effortlessly. They are more balanced, creative, and productive without necessarily being the ‘smartest’ ones in the room. The far reaching benefits of an emotionally and spiritually healthy workforce cannot be overstated. But it’s not always easy to spot the inner life of employees and how this impacts company operations. I specialise in knowing the signals of individual well-being.


I provide transformative techniques and tools for companies where it counts most. From the factory floor to the boardroom my focus is on the individual. I guide personnel to look inside rather than outside, to take ownership of their circumstances. A company’s outer transformation and success starts inside the people who share in the collective effort towards personal and corporate success, which are intrinsically linked.


The internal mindset and culture of a company is reflected and driven by the prosperity of its personnel. Prosperity in the workplace is defined as an environment in which there is an abundance of calm, happiness, well-being, and a sense of true freedom and empowerment. Success and financial health is the result of these, rather than the cause.


Empowering and uplifting the body, mind, and spirit of personnel is transformative for the individual and company. A personally balanced staff is key to a successful company or organization.


I have started nine companies and dozens of projects throughout my career, starting with my first when I was just nineteen years old (not counting the lemonade stand, tossing newspapers, and mowing lawns). I have succeeded and failed spectacularly. It was my failures where I experienced the greatest success as these provided the knowledge, wisdom, and confidence to succeed personally, professionally, and spiritually at the things I love.


I have shifted from an entrepreneur to an innerpreneur moving away from business endeavors exclusively focused on monetary and material gain towards businesses that better the lives of others and protect the planet from further harm. My company operations include film & TV content development, sales, and distribution, publishing, personal development, and real estate. I am proactively focusing on upstarts that create employment and alternative green products.