The survival-of-the-fittest mindset
no longer serves us.

Next Level Awakening is a simplified five-step breakthrough to peace, love, happiness, abundance, and freedom, and requires letting go of what you thought you knew.

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  • The first breakthrough is understanding that your reality is the manifest destiny of your mind, which you create and have the power to alter; this step requires you to embrace everything that happens to you as your own making.


  • The second step is understanding your well being is achieved through the act of selflessness. Giving selflessly is one of the most healing, motivating, and inspiring acts we can embark on.


  • The third step is the emotional detachment of outcome. All we can know with certainty is the present. Living emotionally through the outcome of a future event that does not yet exist is a form of insanity and robs the present.


  • The fourth step also requires detachment, this one from ownership. Detaching emotionally from ownership means being in control of your environment rather than it being in control of you.


  • The fifth step is the awakening that peace, love, happiness, and freedom are internal successes of the inspired heart that cannot be achieved through monetary or material gain. Material wealth is always embraced with gratitude, but it is not the benchmark for prosperity. Prosperity is the abundance of love and joy in your life.

These five simple concepts are the next level towards free and authentic living, and when realized, your life is seen through a new awakened perspective that is permanently transformed.


The wide-spread culture of the survival-of-the-fittest mentality is not working as evidenced by the world around us in which inequality and suffering has become the accepted norm.

The human race is on the precipice of a massive shift – it can be seen and felt everywhere, if we look. We are moving away from a mindset of gain and 'me first', to one of giving and detachment. This is the Next Level Awakening, and those embracing this approach to life are flourishing.


Like everything, we evolve. But our evolution depends on our conscious understanding that everything changes, and change is inevitable. As a global community, the surest way to keep from being successful in life is to keep repeating the same actions and expecting different outcomes.


Sustained individual success is an illusion endangered by the lack of prosperity of the many. Because no man is an island, it is only through collective success that we gain lasting peace, love, happiness, good health, prosperity, gratitude, and true freedom; what I call the Seven Intentions. The Next Level Awakening understands that the Seven Intentions are gained from a shift within self as opposed to a change outside of self.



Imagine if every individual, every company, organization, and government office, were focused only on giving selflessly for the benefit of others and the planet. We would ALL live in a world in which everyone’s needs and desires would be met; no more poverty, no more crime, war, suffering, or destruction of the planet. It’s a simple reality, that is made complicated by a mindset of ‘self first’ that has been part of our psyche for millennia. But once this mindset shifts into selflessness for the benefit of others and the planet, the outcome becomes clear.


If you want to truly transform the world, and better your life and the lives of others, change outside starts inside. Get on the next level and be the living example of selfless giving.

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