October 15, 2018

Welcome to the first Inspire Me Blog, insights and musings about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness





Yep, here we go, and I say “we” because WE are in it together, just as WE are inseparably in all aspects of life together. What do I mean by that? I’ll explain in just a second.


The Inspire Me Blog is exactly what it sounds like, a Blog meant to inspire through insights that assist others in bettering their lives. As we go forward I’ll be writing about a variety of topics from the practical to the deeply spiritual, and all things in between. And I promise you this, I will only reference experiences I have actually had, and sometimes the experiences of others I know personally who have given me permission to tell their stories.




Ultimately, we can only talk about what we know – everything else is just speculation. As my mentor often says, “Have your experience and then you’ll know.” I am often dismayed when I hear stories, testimonials, and assertions told passionately and with conviction by well intentioned people who have no personal involvement in what they are espousing. That is exactly how misinformation gets spread around, and it has the potential to harm individuals and whole communities.


And so, what you will get from the Inspire Me Blog is first hand personal experiences related to topics we all live and learn by, and some just for fun!




Every thought we have and every action we take impacts everything throughout the Universe instantly. Just the thoughts I put into this Blog and the action of typing out these words are impacting everyone and everything, even before anyone reads the Blog.


We, and everything in the Universe are the same at the core of existence – we and everything are made up of atoms. Without going into the science of it, like the number of electrons that determine the chemical differences in atoms, the building blocks of everything in its simplest form is the same. That means we are the same, we are connected, we are one.


Almost every culture on the planet has a similar saying, ‘We are one’ or ‘We are the same’. In the Native American traditions I practice we say ‘Mitakuye Oyas’in’, which means ‘We are all related’. Our ancestors knew this long before the discovery of the atom. And so we are one, not individual dancers, but rather we are the dance, and each plie and lock-step are collective steps performed by the whole.


As I write this Blog it is done so with all the influences of not just my lifetime, but all our lifetimes and those who came before us – and this is how we are in it together. I am you and you are me, and together we are the stories that come out of the Blog. I look forward to sharing this space with you!




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