Selfless Giving: The Path to Peace, Love, Happiness, and Abundance

Belief Systems Turned On Their Head

Like everything in the Universe, we evolve. But our evolution depends on our conscious understanding that everything changes, and change is inevitable.

As a global community the surest way to keep from succeeding in bettering the human experience is to keep repeating the same actions and expecting different outcomes. The undeniable disastrous state of the world is a clear indication that our current belief systems need to be turned on their head, ripped apart, dismantled, and reconstructed. It’s not working and has not been working for a very long time.

As a starter, the benchmark for a harmonious global community that is working for the benefit of all is one in which the survival-of-the-fittest mentality is obliterated from our consciousness and is replaced with a mindset of selfless giving – this is our future, where we are evolving to next.

Individual success is an illusion endangered by the lack of success of the many. Because no man is an island, it is only through collective success that we gain what I call the Seven Intentions; peace, love, happiness, good health, prosperity, gratitude, and true freedom. While these have been distorted by materialism and the widespread sleep state, they are ultimately what each of us strive for.

Shame, You Forgot Where You Came From

When my son was three months old I remember taking a photograph of him sitting in his baby chair. He stared up at me through the lens with a slight smirk of a smile and I could hear his inner voice say something that rocked my world. It was so powerful that it comes through in the photo even today, twenty years later. I sketched the image on a large canvas and the same inner voice still speaks loud and clear. What he said then, and what the photo and sketch speak now is, “Shame, you forgot where you came from, didn’t you?”

Children remember where we came from. This world is new and alien from the pure energy beings we were before we arrived here. It’s why babies look at us like we are strange and weird, because from their point of view, where they just came from, we are strange and weird.

As a young child my son was one of the most selflessly giving people I knew. I was amazed by it - he taught me about giving. He would hand a cookie or toy to you and his face would light up when he got an approving smile - making others happy made him happy. It’s around age five to seven, with all the shiny bobbles and influences of the physical world, that we start falling asleep and forget where we came from, an infinite Universal existence of selflessness and one collective energy of pure unconditional love.

The Cart Before The Horse

I could say that it is unfortunate that we fall into a sleep state, but everything, including our unconscious state of mind, provides us with lessons to learn, and lessons are opportunities. In this world we have fallen into a sleep state and mindset in which material gain and power have been accepted and embraced as the path to love and happiness. We may believe that we are living under a system in which the horse is leading the cart, but in reality the cart is before the horse, and deep down we know it.

Money, ownership, and power can’t buy or force love, peace, and happiness into our lives, and these cannot be the instrument through which we find true freedom. Reason tells tells us that if our love, peace, happiness, and freedom is gained through monetary wealth and power, then without wealth and power these all must fall away. In other words our well being is controlled by the world outside ourselves rather than in inside.

The Seven Intentions are permanent foundations in our lives. They are not found outside ourselves, they are found within, and they are gained through selfless giving, detachment from ownership, and an understanding that we each create our own Universe and all the experiences within it.

Next Level Awakening

We are on the precipice of what I call the Next Level Awakening, a selfless path to peace, love, happiness, good health, abundance, gratitude, and true freedom. They start with giving. Choosing to manifest these in the lives of others, and making them the foundation of every decision and choice you make will lead to an inspired life where the concept of ‘want’ no longer exists and is replaced with pure fulfilment in unexpected ways.

To start participating in the Next Level Awakening make it your aim to achieve these Seven Intentions through selfless giving and detachment. Just changing your intention, your thought process to live these through giving to others, you are changing programming that no longer serves you and taking control of your own destiny – you are literally changing the world!

Start by focusing on these in every day life and in everything you do. Before you make your next decision about anything, ask yourself if that decision or choice supports or blocks these Seven Intentions.

Shifting from one mindset to another often requires tearing down what has been built and constructing a new foundation that is the very heart of your life. A house built on a foundation without the right mix of sand, cement, and water, is flawed and weak, and no amount of cosmetic fixes will make it right. Rebuilding your foundation with selfless giving at its core will put you on the path to higher living.

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