Letting Go and Gaining an Island

Written by

Chris Roland


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"A relentless, hart breaking gritty expose - a witty soul finding read you can't put down."



Under debilitating pressure and threat, I sat in the travel agent’s chair whispering into my cell phone, “I’m doing it, I’m buying the tickets. Are you sure?” I asked my wife, Lee-Ann.“Are you sure?” she asked. “I’m not sure of anything. I just know I’m sitting here. Silence, and then, “Do it, buy them.”


The tickets might as well have been one-way since I booked with no real commitment to actually return. That was our secret, and we had to protect it at all cost. I knew this would trigger immediate legal actions against us. It was the only solution, the only thing that would stop my aching, bleeding gut. There were forces that wanted to prevent us from ever checking in on that flight. The forces were palpable and wanted our souls.


It’s Not Personal – Letting Go and Gaining an Island is an extraordinary, inspirational, caustic, and humorous telling, of a husband and wife facing the loss of their business, home, retirement, and marriage, at the hands of a corrupt and incompetent government, and how their ‘partners’ chose money and power over ethics and humanity.


Written from personal accounts by Chris Roland, a prominent American filmmaker living and working in Cape Town, whose life is turned upside down in the most egregious way, and the rocky spiritual journey that kept him from losing his mind.